This simple secret will expose how you can regain perfect health in weeks without drugs or boring diet.

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In the relentless pursuit of optimal health, humanity has journeyed through breakthroughs and advancements, inching closer to overcoming sickness and disease.

Today marks a groundbreaking era where science, technology, and medical innovation have united to present the “Final Solution” to health challenges. Picture a world free from the fear of illness, where the shadow of diseases fades, ensuring your comprehensive well-being.

You have reached the ultimate destination, the final bus stop for all your health challenges.


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Who we are

I am Great George Otosin, the Founder, LIFE SAVERS FOUNDATION and CEO, Longevity Gold International Limited.

Over our 15-year journey, we have led pioneering research, emphasizing the importance of structured water as a key solution for optimal health and the eradication of major illnesses.

Our commitment to promoting effective methods ensures individuals can maintain lasting well-being, free from concerns about sickness or diseases.

Stay tuned as we uncover raw facts and reveal truths about the current prevalence of illnesses in society.

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15+ Years of Bringing good health to people

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What you must know

Truth about Diseases

Always remember that every disease aims to take its victim's life no matter how minor the symptoms are.

Evolution of diseases

In the past, diseases like Malaria, typhoid, cholera, and fever were considered deadly, but today, Cancer, High blood pressure, Diabetes, Hepatitis, Stroke, and other severe illnesses have emerged and proven to be deadlier.

Why we fall sick

These diseases stem from internal deficiencies (absence of vital minerals and nutrients in the human body) , and it is disheartening that over 95% of the world's population is unaware of this issue.

The human body is made up of  75% water?

The quality and quantity of water we drink daily plays a major role in determining the state of one’s health and general well-being which establishes the fact that our water is either Acidic ( lacks vital minerals) or Alkaline ( rich in vital minerals).

So, What Makes Water Acidic?

According to experts, ‘‘During water purification process, important organic minerals which would have improved our health are lost and many poisonous chemicals substances are added’’.

This mineral deficiency makes water overly acidic; when consumed, it leads to ‘acidosis’ which is the root cause of all diseases.


Dr. Otto Warburg A German botanist who won two Nobel prizes in medicine made an amazing discovery in 1931

"Disease only survive in acidic body, but can not survive in alkaline body."

Dr. Theodore Baroody Author of a book titled "alkalize or die"

“The countless names you give to diseases, does not really matter, what does matter is that all disease come from same root…too much acid in the body.”

Dr Sang Whang An alkaline pioneer made another incredible discovery

"Drinking high pH Alkaline water will definitely help in preventing cancer and Reverse Aging."

Dr. Arthur Guyton The author of a book titled "Medical physiology", whose books are still being used in medical schools.

"The first step in maintaining health is to alkalize the body."

Big Reveal!

These are our secret solutions which have been
used by people from all works of life.



What People are Saying

Veronica Onuora Enugu State

The sickness started since 1964. Some people said I was poisoned. All treatment and medications yielded no fruit. I had severe pains in my bones, knees even moving about was a difficult task. After using Alkaforce alkalized water for 2months, the pains suddenly reduced drastically. Now I can move freely, I can even run. Alkaforce is a life life-giver indeed (Alkaline ozoigbo ndu).

HRH IGWE S. J. IDU Enugu State

I heard about Alkaforce water enhancer all over the radio, I went there to certify myself about the authenticity of the products. I was having constant headache and diabetes. I bought the three products (Alkaforce, Iomin and Immune-best). Since I started using them, for the past 2 months, I have not had any headache. I used to take hard drugs to cool my tension, but that has stopped since I started using the Alkaforce water enhancer.

Chief Sunday Agwu Ude Ebonyi State

I heard about Alkaforce water enhancer on the radio. I was suffering from arthritis. Some of my doctor friends even made drug prescriptions for me which I used for a long time without result. At a point it got so severe that I could not stand up, I could not sleep. I had used many medications both tablets and herbs all to no avail, but thank God I'm free today via these products.

Pastor Charity Uzoamaka Onwe Ebonyi State

I heard about Alkaforce alkaline water on the radio. I decided to give it a trial since I had heard people talking about it before. Since 2012, I was having serious pains on my chest which later resulted to several cough and serious pain under my breast. I could hardly move around. After using Alkaforce alkaline water for 3 weeks, the pains were gone. Even the pains I had on my legs which were not the actual reason I used the Alkaforce subsided miraculously.

Dennis Agom Ebonyi State

My health challenge was diabetes. I suffered it for 15 years. I had gone to India for treatment for 6months but I was not properly healed. I decided to give Alkaforce alkaline water a trial. I went to their office to buy it. Since I started using it, my health had improved. If I had the money, I could even buy it in large quantity for me and my household.

Eze-Ogwa Ebonyi State

I heard about Alkaforce alkaline water from the radio. I used to have poor vision, waist pain and difficulty in movement. I had suffered this condition for 13 years. I drank Alkaforce alkaline water for 3 weeks and the pains stopped. Now I can see clearer and move about easily without assistance.

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